What is FWW ? Why it's unique.

FWW is a custom framework that is built to customize web applications. Our framework is user friendly and uses fully OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept. Users can build and customize additional modules instantly with our complete set of libraries. FWW is flexible and can be connect to various types of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Informix, Oracle, etc.


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FWW is unique and it's not made available to public, as we have developed this unique engine mainly for our large-scale enterprise clients. Most of our clients prefer to have a CMS engine which they can have full control on it. One of the main concerns is security counter measure. FWW have regular updates that can be updated from the website in terms of security updates and patches. Our current version is 3.14A, which is the latest and stable version. Users will be notified from the control panel for every latest update available.

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